Futomaki are extra thick sushi rolls made from a large sheet of Nori. The fillings are made using various ingredients.

What you'll need


Per roll (8 pieces each)

100 g Sushi rice cooked
1 Zenbu Nori sheet or 2 Nori sheets from our sushi kit

20 g cucumber, cut into 3 mm sticks

1 cooked carrot, cut into 5 mm sticks

40 g Surimi, cut into fine strips

40 g Tamago omelette (Japanese omelette). You can also make the omelet to your own taste. Just make sure it’s about 5 mm thick and cut it into 1 cm wide strips.

Mix a little wasabi mayonnaise (mix mayonnaise with a little Zenbu wasabi paste )

Kitchen utensils

A sharp knife
A bowl with water
A cutting board
A moist kitchen towel or paper towel
A Zenbu sushi mat
Piping bag


If you use Nori sheet halves (included in the Zenbu Sushi Kit), simply place the two sheets, with the shiny layer facing down, on top of each other with an overlap of 1 cm. Lightly moisten the overlapping area with a little water so that it sticks.

Place the Nori leaf with the shiny side down on the bamboo mat and cover evenly with a 3-5 mm layer of sushi rice. To do this, keep dipping your fingers into water so that the rice doesn’t stick to your hands. As always: Make a small mound at the top and leave 2 cm of the Nori sheet unfilled.

Very important: Leave 2 cm of the top of the Nori leaf unfiiled, at the top end.

Place the omelette, cucumber, carrot and mayonnaise in the middle of the Nori sheet . About ¼ of the rice layer should remain uncovered at the bottom end.

Carefully roll the Nori sheet away from your body, using gentle pressure, using the bamboo mat. Make sure that the topping is folded in cleanly and does not spill over at the top end.

Tighten the bamboo mat slightly when rolling so that the sushi roll rotates easily. Now press the rice roll with your hands over the entire length of the bamboo mat to create a compact roll.

Wet the knife with water and cut the sushi roll exactly in half. Then clean the knife with a damp cloth. Then moisten it again with water. Cut the two halves of the sushi roll into three pieces as shown in the pictures below. After each cut, clean the knife and re-moisten it with water.

You'll get better and better at it

You’re a bit more experienced now. So let’s try something slightly more difficult. Let’s increase the proficiency level and let’s make Uramaki.

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