You can make

Hosomaki in a variety of ways. There are no limits when it comes to fillings. We’ll show you 3 of our most popular Hosomaki fillings, to use as suggestions.

What you'll need


(6 pieces) per roll​
Variations using salmon, cucumber and cream cheese

½ Zenbu Nori sheet or
1 Nori sheet from our Sushi Kit

20 g Sashimi quality salmon fillet, cut into 5 mm strips,10 g of cucumber, cut into 3 mm sticks,10 g cream cheese

Variations using carrots​

½ Zenbu nori sheet or
1 Nori sheet from our sushi kit1 small carrot, cut into 5 mm sticks and blanched for 3 minutes

Variations with surimi, avocado and chives

½ Zenbu Nori sheetor
1 Nori sheet from our Sushi Kit 20 g surimi, cut into 5 mm sticks, 3 slices avocado

Kitchen utensils​

A sharp knife
A bowl with water
A cutting board
A moist kitchen towel or paper towel
Zenbu Sushi Mat
Piping bag


Place the Nori leaf with the shiny side down on the bamboo mat and cover evenly with a 3-5 mm thin layer of Sushi Rice. To do this, dip your fingers in water from time to time so that the rice does not stick to your fingers.


Very important: Leave 1 cm of the Nori leaf at the top.

Pro tip!

Make a small mound in the top fifth of the rice layer. This will help you when you roll it afterwards, ensurign that the topping and filling don’t slide out.




Using a piping bag, spread the cream cheese over the rice. If you don’t have piping bags, you can also use a small spoon to layer the cream cheese onto the rice. Spread the salmon and cucumber evenly over the entire surface.

Note: Be careful not to spread too much topping, otherwise the roll won’t close at the end.

Using the bamboo mat, roll the nori sheet away from the body, using light pressure. Finish off by reshaping the finished roll with your hands. Moisten one edge of the nori sheet with water and place the other end over it.

IMPORTANT! When rolling the filling, use the bamboo mat to press it firmly into shape evenly, spreading from the inside out.

Wet the knife with water and cut the sushi roll in half in half. Then clean the knife with a damp cloth and then wet it again with water. Cut the two halves of the sushi roll into three pieces. After each cut, clean the knife and wet it with water. Serve with pickled ginger, wasabi, and soy sauce.

Itadakimasu — enjoy!

That wasn't at all difficult, was it?

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